20 years serving professionals


DX DESIGN is the result of long textile experience in the North of France. Its previous manager who is behind the company, Janick Leman, comes from the spinning of noble materials such as wool, mohair, alpaca, cashmere. The search for different compositions, aesthetics, colors was already the spearhead of the company.

The second generation Cédric Leman, who has enjoyed this atmosphere, brings his expertise for the years to come. From personalized clothing accessories, we have evolved naturally, through customer demand and our knowledge of the industrial network, to personalized clothing and outfits.


Founded in 2002

A company attached to its region

DX DESIGN is located in Villeneuve d’Ascq, in les Hauts de France.
Renowned for their textile, spinning and weaving activities, Les Hauts de France were converted in 1960. The third French economic region, Nord-Pas de Calais, the fruit of a successful conversion, is a small region in size but densely populated and of a great entrepreneurial dynamism. Assets that have given it a new start in distribution, automobile, rail and food production after the decline of its historic activities.


A logistical and economic asset

Another economic advantage: the central geographic position in the heart of Europe, served by an important motorway network and the Channel Tunnel, allows the region to host a strong logistics activity. More than twenty multimodal platforms have been set up there.

On the strength of this retraining, and after a long management experience in the fashion accessory sector, DX DESIGN has developed through creation, production and distribution in this clothing sector with belts, gloves, scarves, scarves, personalized ties…

Recognized player, we operate on all distribution channels, clothing specialists, such as Celio, Armand Thiery, Brice, Kiabi, Cevimod…. Mail orderers, La Redoute… .and also with brands such as Lee Cooper, Teddy Smith, Poiray, Le Temps des Cerises, Mise au Green…